SQLPro for SQLite (Lite) App Reviews

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Non functional trial bait

I cannot see anywhere that they shared that this is a non functional image display of what it would look like when you PAY! Does virtually nothing and only tell you that it is read only after download. Trying to help a student coder in my group who wanted to learn SQL on his laptop find a useful solution. This was not it!

IT User

The user interface is greatly lacking, the application is kludgy and clumsy. It is not a matter of stability, but it just does not interact with the user very well. It is a non-paid version and as has been noted is lacking. I also tried the paid version hoping that it would be more usefull and even the paid version lacks the basic functionality often needed for user interaction.

Great App

I really like the app. I was using a different browser before, but this app is great. Keep up the good work.

Don’t bother

A year ago, when I bought the app, it allowed you to read and WRITE sql databases. But guess what, the developers got greedy and artificially limit the functionality to only read. Not to mention there are other free apps that have the same functionality AND MORE. So, stay away from this so called “app"

love this app, been using it a lot while i dev

i needed a good sqlite viewer as i was making my iphone app. this app came is handy. Definitly the best out there, ive tried a few. my favorite feature, is that when i look at a binary field its smart enough to know that it is an image and even the format. good stuff

Quick, easy, complete

For wending through development tasks in Rails on sqlite3, this tool is nice, fast, slick and has all the things you need to work with Rails and the sqlite database. Plus it has the power to get some decent reports and queries put together for higher level analysis.

It is fine

The application does what it should and costs nothing. I recommend it for basic requirements.

Great but a bit annoying

Im a web developer. And every time, when my developer copy of the site makes a query to the SQLite database, SQLite Processional fires up from the dock. Its pretty annoying. I want to see the database content, when I want it, not when the application wants me to do it. And there is no option to disable it, as far as I know. Others than that are great, and its my favorite app to browse the SQLite database content.

Great App

Easy to use and perfect to test iOS databases created with Core Data.

Love that I could try it first

I was looking for a good sqlite editor and I noticed this one. Ive been using it for about and hour and so far its great!

So far so good

As a developer this app was pretty helpful to view some updates made to my core-data model.

Great App

As a developer id say its an awesome SQLite Manager probably the best so far ive seen for the Mac machines !

Works as designed

All features works as designed. Fast and simple. This is that i want just for preview the DB. Thanks!

Perfect for when a quick look-see is all you need

Love it. I have used similar tools for 20+ years and I love the simple point & click approach.

A joke

Okay I realized this was just a app to get you sucked into buying the full version, so I tried it to see the functionality which I actually think is a good idea, as a downfall to the app store is you have no way to try-before-you-buy. However this one comes with absolutly nothing, not even the help file, no example file, I suppose you could create a DB with another program then open it in this one, but unless you really only are interested in a read only view of DBs which few people are despite the reviews, I would suggest going elsewhere… I dont mind paying for a good db, but feel this one is not going to cut it for me… at any cost.

Quotes need fixing

When I am writing a statement in the Query Mode, the editor automatically corrects single quotes, to be a formated single quote. Which SQLite wont read… If you type SELECT ’test’, it won’t work at all, which is really annoying.

Great capability during App development

I have been using this application for about 5 months. It is very easy to quickly get at the information in the database and verify what my App is doing. I have used one other Sqlite DB application and I like this one much better.

Slow When Using Large Files

Hangs for a long time when opening a large database (9 gb). Competing browser based tools do not seem to have this limitiation.

It just works

I use this app frequently for my rails in development mode. I fell in love with the simplicity it has given to me.

Great update!

I’ve been using this app for almost a year. I was a little hesitant on updating as the version was a large difference, but this new update seems to be quicker and adds suggestions for tables and columns as I am quering!

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